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QxEntityEditor 1.2.2 released

Postby qxorm » Sun Jun 04, 2017 6:52 pm


QxEntityEditor 1.2.2 just released !

Here is the changes log :
- Fix an issue after importing a project (from database or JSON file) which forced user to refresh or reload current project
- Improve performance (fetching less data from database) when loading relationships from generated persistent classes (bLoadFromDatabase parameter)
- Change model/view export plugin to take into account some improvments available in the new version of QxOrm library
- Support changes of new QxOrm version : remove boost dependency by default and enable C++11 features
- Improve Javascript engine to customize exports : add 3 functions available in js script to get all QxEntityEditor settings (at global level, project level and plugin level)
- Check entities schema before exporting to C++ project : if a design error is detected, then display a message to user
- Fix SQL type field in property settings : now you can put parenthesis (for example VARCHAR(255) is now allowed)
- DDL export for MySQL (and MariaDB) : add ` character to escape column name and table name
- Add full path to project in recent projects list and main window title bar
- Now it is easier to select a relationship from entities diagram with a simple click on it
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