QxOrm 1.4.8 released : support Qt6 and PIMPL idiom

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QxOrm 1.4.8 released : support Qt6 and PIMPL idiom

Postby qxorm » Mon Feb 15, 2021 8:47 am


QxOrm 1.4.8 just released !

Here is the changes log :
- Support Qt6 (tested with MSVC 2019 + CMake 3.19 on Windows) ==> QxOrm library is compatible with Qt4, Qt5 and Qt6
- Support PIMPL idiom for persistent classes (useful to reduce compilation times, to provide a stable ABI, ascendant compatibility for shared libraries, to reduce binaries size)
- Documentation about PIMPL idiom for persistent classes : https://www.qxorm.com/qxorm_en/manual.html#manual_455
- New sample project named qxBlogPImpl in ./test/ directory of QxOrm package to show how to implement persistent classes using the PIMPL idiom
- Possibility to ignore soft delete behavior during a session execution (useful to fetch logical deleted instances for example) : qx::QxSession::ignoreSoftDelete()
- Fix SQL DISTINCT keyword in qx::QxSqlQuery class (when DISTINCT is used, then the primary key is not fetched)
- Fix an issue which could happen after enabling _QX_ENABLE_QT_NETWORK compilation option (due to QT_NO_SSL/QT_NO_OPENSSL used in QxThread.cpp file)
- Fix an issue in qx::QxSqlDatabase and multi-thread context when a thread identifier is reused (GitHub issue #42)
- Add new behavior to qx::QxSession class with setAutoRollbackWhenDestroyed() option : if true, then database rollback is called when session instance destructor (or close() method) is invoked (instead of commit by default, GitHub issue #43)
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