QxOrm 1.4.9 released

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QxOrm 1.4.9 released

Postby qxorm » Mon Jun 05, 2023 7:03 pm


QxOrm 1.4.9 just released !

Here is the changes log :
- Fix compilation issue with Qt 6.2+ (due to Qt JIRA : https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-92910), more details in GitHub issue #54
- Support QSqlQuery::execBatch() method to improve performance inserting/updating/deleting a list of C++ instances in database (new optional parameter 'bUseExecBatch' available for functions : qx::dao::insert, qx::dao::update, qx::dao::delete_by_id)
- New method in qx::QxSqlQuery class named setFctOnBeforeSqlPrepare() to define a custom callback function to modify SQL query before preparing in database
- New callbacks functions available in qx::IxDataMember interface to customize SQL generated per data member (see an example in ./test/qxBlogCompositeKey/src/blog.cpp file)
- Fix an issue in qx::QxSqlRelationLinked::hierarchyResolveOutput() which could call getIdFromQuery() for nothing, which could generate some warnings in Qt SQL driver (for example : QPSQLResult::data: column XX out of range)
- Fix a compilation issue of QxRestApi and QxHttpTransaction modules with Qt QStringBuilder option enabled (GitHub issues #50, #83)
- Improve SQL DISTINCT to support relationships (unit test available in qxBlog sample project)
- New feature to fetch relationships only in LEFT OUTER/INNER JOIN and WHERE clauses (so no columns in SELECT part) : use {NULL} syntax to define no relation columns in SELECT part (unit test available in qxBlog sample project)
- Fix a crash which could occur using qx::QxSession and multi-threaded environment
- Add a new parameter caseSensitive (default value : false) to the method qx::QxSqlQuery::getSqlResultAt()
- Fix an issue with JSON REST API (QxRestApi module) and MongoDB database (more details in GitHub issue #70)
- Improve qx::QxClassX::registerAllClasses() : init all validator instances (can fix some issues in a multi-thread environment)
- New settings available in the qx::QxSqlDatabase singleton class (setSqlDelimiterForTableNameAlias() and setSqlDelimiterForColumnNameAlias()) to add delimiters to SQL aliases (more details in GitHub issue #57)
- Fix linking error which could occur with Qt6 and MSVC2019 (should fix GitHub issues #98, #91, #89, #90, #62, #65)
- Fix all checks with QT_VERSION (using macro QT_VERSION_CHECK), should fix checks from Qt 5.10 to Qt 5.15 (GitHub issue #81)
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