QxOrm  1.4.9
C++ Object Relational Mapping library

QxOrm library memory leak detection (by Wu Yongwei) More...

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Detailed Description

QxOrm library memory leak detection (by Wu Yongwei)

Wu Yongwei

QxMemLeak module provides a fast detection of memory leaks in Debug mode once the execution of the program is finished (with indication of the file and the line => MFC-style from Microsoft).
This module is developed by Wu Yongwei and has undergone some modifications to be integrated into QxOrm library.
If another tool is already used in your projects (Valgrind for example), this functionality should not be activated.
To enable/disable QxMemLeak module, all is needed is to modify the constant _QX_USE_MEM_LEAK_DETECTION defined in the QxConfig.h file.
A recompilation of QxOrm library is necessary to take into account this modification.

Definition in file QxMemLeak.h.