QxOrm  1.4.9
C++ Object Relational Mapping library
qx::memory::static_mem_pool_set Class Reference

#include <static_mem_pool.h>

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Public Types

typedef class_level_lock
< static_mem_pool_set >::lock 

Public Member Functions

void recycle ()
void add (mem_pool_base *__memory_pool_p)

Static Public Member Functions

static static_mem_pool_setinstance ()

Public Attributes

__PRIVATE __pad0__: ~static_mem_pool_set()

Private Types

typedef std::vector
< mem_pool_base * > 

Private Member Functions

 static_mem_pool_set ()
 static_mem_pool_set (const static_mem_pool_set &)
const static_mem_pool_setoperator= (const static_mem_pool_set &)

Private Attributes

container_type _M_memory_pool_set

Detailed Description

Singleton class to maintain a set of existing instantiations of static_mem_pool.

Definition at line 92 of file static_mem_pool.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 105 of file static_mem_pool.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

qx::memory::static_mem_pool_set::static_mem_pool_set ( ) [private]
qx::memory::static_mem_pool_set::static_mem_pool_set ( const static_mem_pool_set ) [private]

Member Function Documentation

void qx::memory::static_mem_pool_set::add ( mem_pool_base __memory_pool_p)
static static_mem_pool_set& qx::memory::static_mem_pool_set::instance ( ) [static]
const static_mem_pool_set& qx::memory::static_mem_pool_set::operator= ( const static_mem_pool_set ) [private]
void qx::memory::static_mem_pool_set::recycle ( )

Member Data Documentation

Definition at line 101 of file static_mem_pool.h.

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