QxOrm  1.4.9
C++ Object Relational Mapping library
qx::model_view Namespace Reference


namespace  detail


struct  QxModelRowCompare
 qx::QxModelRowCompare : functor used to provide sort feature for all models based on qx::IxModel interface (please note that you can also use QSortFilterProxyModel Qt class to sort your model) More...


QX_DLL_EXPORT bool compareQVariant (const QVariant &v1, const QVariant &v2, bool bAscending) QX_USED
template<class T >
qx::IxModelcreate_nested_model (qx::IxModel *pParent, const QModelIndex &idxParent, T &t)
 qx::model_view::create_nested_model is used by QxEntityEditor to manage complex data structure to work with relationships in QML views and Qt model/view architecture
template<class T , class M >
qx::IxModelcreate_nested_model_with_type (qx::IxModel *pParent, const QModelIndex &idxParent, T &t, M *pModelType)
template<class T >
void sync_nested_model (qx::IxModel *pModel, T &t)

Function Documentation

QX_DLL_EXPORT bool qx::model_view::compareQVariant ( const QVariant &  v1,
const QVariant &  v2,
bool  bAscending 
template<class T , class M >
qx::IxModel * qx::model_view::create_nested_model_with_type ( qx::IxModel pParent,
const QModelIndex &  idxParent,
T &  t,
M *  pModelType 

Definition at line 351 of file QxNestedModel.h.

template<class T >
void qx::model_view::sync_nested_model ( qx::IxModel pModel,
T &  t 

Definition at line 355 of file QxNestedModel.h.